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Art of health and healing™


The latest Art of Health and Healing™ project sponsored by CCRHF is the Connecting Hands mural recently installed in the Pittsburg Health Center.

Connecting Hands, 2022 
by Bianca Nandzik

Hands are designed to build connections. You reach out with your hand. You lend a helping hand. You comfort pain and traumas of others with your hands. When you connect with your hands, you build a bridge to the other person and activity support their healing process.

This mural embodies the fact that it takes a whole community to build a path towards healing. The hands and bridges promote the diversity, unity and strength of our Contra Costa County community.

This artwork honors the support system of our patients – the clinic staff, nurses, social workers, doctors, family, friends, neighbors, and everyone who helps one another. It highlights their patience and empathy. I hope this piece reminds others of their support networks and the strength of our community as they enter the Pittsburg Health Center.

Artist Bio:

Born and raised in Germany, Bianca Nandzik came to the United States to realize her dream of community art in her new home of San Francisco. She loves to support projects that combine art with social causes. She is the President of CULTIVATIVE and the lead artist for international community projects, which include murals at the General Hospital Roatán in Honduras and at Villa Per Se in Lima, Peru. Her art is influenced by her education in social work, art therapy and art education, as well as her background in street art. Her works can be found in public schools, hospitals, libraries and community centers.

Funded by:

Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation

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Bianca Nandzik





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